Kentucky Whiskey Barrels

Standard barrels. $140 each!
(Preferred by people with project ideas)
Finished clear coated barrels. $200 each!
(Preferred by most people for indoor use)

Highest quality Kentucky barrels around! Great for decoration or a large
assortment of projects for personal use or high resale value!! Checkout Pinterest
for other project ideas.
These barrels are made from high quality American white oak that were freshly
poured but still have a gallon or two of liquid left in them. This preserves and
prolongs the life of the barrel by keeping the wood from drying out. Barrels have
flat tops and weren't abused like most retired barrels which makes them much
better for projects.

Barrel Rentals
These barrels are available for rent for special events, weddings, parties, etc.
Standard barrels- $35/barrel, per day
Finished barrels- $50/barrel, per day
(Delivery and pick-up options available)

Prosper and Tioga, TX
Personal pick-up, shipping and Delivery options are available!
Contact for details.

***Contact Info***
Phone: 920-410-9325 (call or text)

Expires: 7/29/2018Posted: 1/30/2018
Price: $150.00
Contact: Tyler
Phone: (920) 410-9325
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